About Escape from the Law

My goal is to bring you bits of advice and inspirational stories from other lawyers and professionals who changed their career paths to pursue something more fulfilling.  I will also reflect on my own experiences here.

I know how lonely it can feel to be in a situation where you are unhappy in a big law firm and uncertain of what to do, so I hope this blog helps you feel as though someone else understands you and that there is life beyond the law firm – because there is, and it’s absolutely amazing!  If my blog helps even one person, I will have accomplished my goal.

About Me

I am was a lawyer at a big firm who is so close to escaping, I can taste it has  escaped her big firm job!  I absolutely adore coffee, music, traveling, philosophy, reading, writing, reflecting, dark chocolate, yoga, dogs, art, and cobblestone streets.

My ultimate career goal is to find a way to make a living that allows me to help people love themselves and live passionately.

Contact Me!

Ideas?  Suggestions?  Stories?  Questions?

I would LOVE to hear from you! 🙂



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