Quitting a Secure Big Law Job

The other day, I read this amazing article by former advertising executive Shannon Kaiser, and could relate to so much of what she wrote about that I had to share it with you. She is now a travel writer.

She wisely notes, “We are going to find ourselves in many situations that don’t work for us. But we have the power to choose happiness. We can bring our own happiness back by choosing to follow our heart and listen to our inner voice.”

And my favorite part of the article is the following, because I can relate to it so well:

“I would arrive to work lifeless, cold, and afraid to listen to my inner voice. I would say to myself, ‘I went to graduate school for a marketing degree, so I better stick to this.’ But it just wasn’t what I wanted.

I was pretending to be the corporate climber. The more achievements, awards, cities, clients, and money I could get, the more I could say I was worthy. It was all a big circus, as I quietly hid myself behind the illusion of success and fulfillment.

I secretly longed for freedom. Every day I would sit under the fluorescent lights and cry inside.

I felt like a caged animal that wanted nothing more then to break free. But fear, and fear alone, was holding me back.”

Can you relate to Shannon’s story?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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One Comment on “Quitting a Secure Big Law Job”

  1. Matt says:

    Yes! I relate completely to this. Bravo for having the courage to make a change.

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