For the Unemployed Law Grads: Stand Out from the Pack

With the surplus of lawyers, and the limited number of legal jobs available, many law graduates are having a hard time finding work.  Even free work.

The situation doesn’t look like it’s going to improve anytime soon, either.  So with thousands of dollars, if not over a hundred thousand, of debt, what’s an unemployed law grad to do?

My suggestion is this: find creative ways to stand out from the pack.  It’s the only way.

First, you have to be clear on the types of jobs you are targeting.  Employers can smell generic cover letters and emails from a mile away.  Narrow down your search to no more than 10 employers at the beginning. You can always try other employers at a later time, but at the outset, start with 5-10.

Then, find a way to grab the employers’ attention that is totally different than what other applicants are doing.

For example, watch the video above to see how one job applicant found a job using Google.  There are other ways of doing this as well.  For example, you can buy a targeted ad on Facebook for people who work at a certain company and let them know that you want to work there too.  Read about how other people used this method to find jobs here.  The point is not to copy these exact tactics, but to think creatively and do things that other people most likely haven’t tried.

Trying these methods won’t cost much of your time or money, but the potential benefits you can get out of it (e.g., a dream job at one of your favorite organizations) are well worth the investment.

Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  So, try a new method outside of sending resumes and cover letters in response to Craigslist ads.  See if you get different results.   And, if you do find a job using creative or unconventional methods, please share your story with me by leaving a comment below or by emailing me at escapefromthelaw [AT] gmail [DOT] com.

If you have friends that are unemployed law grads, please send them over to the blog, or share this post on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons below!  I’m sure they would appreciate it.


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